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CD Tribute to the Ancestors de Philippe Lenaif

Tribute to the Ancestors

CD Oceans & Angels de Philippe Lenaif

Oceans & Angels


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CD Oceans & Angels de Philippe Lenaif

Tribute to the Ancestors

Contains presentation booklet for each song,
in English, French and Brazilian.

Released for the first time in 2009, Tribute to the Ancestors has been completely recomposed, rearranged, remixed and remastered for the 2021 edition.
Besides Xango Dreaming and Xango Dancing, it features two original bonuses: Talking with the Spirits, astonishing duo of didgeridoos recorded at the Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum in Olso, and Homenaje a don Daniel, an icaro sung by the late Daniel Arevalo in the heart of the Amazonian night.

plumeTribute to the Ancestors - presentation

In all times people on the earth have celebrated birth, death, nature, key events of life, …in singing, dancing, playing instruments and music.

When this music was "primitive", it rendered sacred the cosmic connection of People with the whole universe. In today's world in certain traditions it still plays the same role. It is a world music which gets" into the guts" and transports us to spacetime.

It is heard by the body, awakening and bringing it back to old vivid memories helping us to escape from our daily mental habits. We can then travel and encounter our Guardian Angels, Power Animals, Archetypale Forces of the Unconscience, Spirits, Ancestors.....

Tribute to the Ancestors" is music to enchanten the soul, bring it joy, nourish its need to rely on the holistic of all Creation, going beyond any difference of culture, language, colour of skin, tradition or religion. It is a response to the call of the Sacred in us.

Its music pieces are of original compositions which were inspired in altered state of conscousness.

All the sounds are absolutely natural. Recordings were done in studio with no sample, synthesizer or rhythm machine.

The instruments are all acoustic, their origin covering the five continents. Most of them have one sacred function in the tradition from which they were given birth.

"The ethnical instruments have one soul. They witness the spirituality of ancient traditions and ceremonies during which they help the mortels to meet the gods. The vibrations they produce, the sounds they emit are the letters with which are composed the messages of wisdom which guide the community on the path of Transdencance. They need to be played with respect, humbelness and love."
Janel (Philippe Lenaif)

plumeTribute to the Ancestors - samples

Xango Dreaming

Xango Dancing


Oxum Pamilade

Gardiens de l'Eternité

Words from Iansã


Os Ancestrais

Full Moon Night

Aetinaeh final

Talking with the Spirits

Homenaje a don Daniel

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CD Oceans & Angels de Philippe Lenaif

Oceans & Angels

plumeOceans & Angels - présentation

This CD travels between subtle emotions, crystalline sounds and oceanic states.
On a base of Chillout-style electronic music, guitars have been added to give sometimes a little fire and momentum, sometimes a depth of heart and a feeling of nostalgia.

All tracks names strat either with Ocean or with Angel.

An exception to this rule is the song "Thoko's Whispers Of Love", a tribute to Thoko Makurube, Sangoma (traditional healer) of Soweto. Died in 2014, she had an exceptional strength of heart.
The title of the song comes from a workshop we gave together in Johannesburg, organized and so called at the time by Kate Clement.
The composition, the arrangement, the interpretation attempt to render the depth of love that animated her and touched all those who approached her.

The song "Ocean Spirit" is used in David Paquin's film "La force de l'instant", released in 2016.

plumeOceans & Angels - samples

Ocean Ecstasy

Ocean First Step

Angel Crystal Teardrops

Angel Dancing With Thoko

Angel Taming The Waves

Angel On A Cloud

Angel Joyful Walk

Ocean Mermaids Singing (For The Angels)

Thoko's Whispers Of Love

Angel Waking Up (On The Beach)

Ocean Spirit

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